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What’s On

  • Flat City Brotherhood

    Nov 2014
    - 10:30pm -

    The Flat City Brotherhood have settled in to a regular Thursday night gig at Carlton… and that’s no surprise! They’re one of Christchurch’s most popular cover bands! With members that came from the ever popular Bubblemen, the band got so big they split into two. view details

  • Midge McCleary

    Nov 2014
    - 4pm -

    Midge McCleary is a jazz, funk, folk, blues inspired guitarist and has been singing and playing his way around the globe for many years. Armed with his acoustic guitar and Bigfoot Stomp box, he uses alternate tunings, percussive rhythms and funky progressions to drive his groove. view details

  • Elly & Regan

    Dec 2014
    - 7pm -

    Come in to Carlton tonight for some cool tunes and pure style with Elly and Regan. view details

  • Shayna King Duo

    Dec 2014
    - 7pm -

    Since picking up her first guitar at age six, King has a built an inspired collection of original songs and a reputation for captivating live performances – we’re sure she’ll bring the same sort of passion and energy to the stage at Carlton. Hear Shayna’s new single HERE.

    view details

  • Assembly Required

    Dec 2014
    - 8:30pm -

    One of Christchurch’s most loved bands have become a favourite and regular act at Carlton. Assembly Required bring their own brand of live sounds for a mid-week feast of the senses to Carlton once again.

    view details

  • Corner Sounds

    Dec 2014
    - 10pm -
    Corner Sounds are a local Christchurch five piece cover band. Covering a huge range of artists. Think music from Katchafire to Michael Jackson, the Black seeds to Kings of leon, Stevie wonder and CCR. There’s something for Everyone. Music you can move to, Guaranteed! view details


About Carlton

Carlton is one of the best new restaurants open in Christchurch.

Our Bar and Eatery is the place to go for great food, great entertainment and live music.

With a rich history that goes back 150 years, the Carlton of today will remind you of the early days of Canterbury; the farmers, stockmen and characters that were the early pioneers of the Christchurch and Canterbury region.

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